2015 IAB Meeting


January 11 to 15, 2015
Navarino Island, Chile. 
Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve at the Omora Ethnobotanical Park
The next meeting of the International Association of Bryologists will be held in January 2015 in Southernmost Chile, in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve and more specifically on the Island of Navarino.

Preliminary information can be obtained at: This site will of course be updated periodically so visit it regularly; some of the links (e.g., contact person) will be activate soon.

The Cape Horn region has seen significant bryological activity in the last decade, and holds a critical portion of global bryophyte diversity. It will be a wonderful and inspiring place to gather and find out what is happening in the world of bryological research.  

We hope to see as many of you as possible. So mark your calendar for January 2015 (i..e, a year from now!). 

On behalf of the organizing committee.


Bernard Goffinet
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
75 North Eagleville road
University of Connecticut
Storrs CT

Past Meetings

2013 - London NHM
2011 – Melbourne, Australia
2009 – South Africa  <>
2007 - Kuala Lumpur
2005 - Vienna
2004 - Mérida, Venezuela
2001 - Lucknow
1999 - St. Louis
1997 - Beijing
1995 - Mexico City
1993 - Osaka
1991 - Exeter
1989 - St. Louis
1987 - Berlin
1985 - Budapest
1983 - Tokyo
1981 - Sydney
1979 - Geneva
1975 - St. Petersburg
1973 - Boulder, U.S.A.

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Competition for a new logo of IAB

Dear colleagues and friends of the International Association of
Bryologists (IAB),

In this digital age, we feel it is an opportunistic time to update our logo to one that keeps pace with the contemporary age but also reflects the mission and history of the association. The International Association of Bryologists (IAB) is therefore excited to announce an open competition for a new logo of IAB.

Please send your proposals by Dec. 1st to the acting president of IAB (quandt -- or the treasurer (mkonrat -- Proposals are welcome from IAB members as well as non-members. The IAB council will judge the proposals and the winner will be announced during the world conference of Bryology in Chile 2015. The winner will be awarded 300 USD. The second place winner will receive a five-year IAB membership.

The council is looking forward to your contributions!
Please help the society!

Your impact is highly desired, appreciated and important for a vital association!

On behalf of the council
Dietmar Quandt & Matt von Konrat
Acting President Treasurer